If you arrived on this page I imagine it is to know a little more about the reason behind the creation of the blog. So here’s the story, or at least some reasons I made it.

It all started in middle school. I was like all the other students but more shy. I didn’t really have any friends, but I was never alone. I was simply following the movement and little by little I realized the solitude which was growing within me (I assure you that this is no longer the case).

All I wanted was to have lots of friends and be the most beautiful and popular girl. But having no friends, I spent all my free time on social networks. First Facebook, then YouTube, Snap-chat to finish on Instagram. My willingness to interact pushed me to create my own blog which serves me as an open book and where I can express myself continuously.

Which content ?

As you can see in the menu, I propose different themes :

Lifestyle : Through lifestyle I would just like to share with you my lifestyle. Whether it’s my drinking habits, my routines, my favorites and more.

Food : This category obviously concerns everything related to food. Whether it is recipes, ideas of dishes. All that concerns my personal diet and my evolution in this area.

Travel : Thanks to this category I will be able to share with you everything that concerns the trips and activities I do.

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