Covid-19: Environmental Effects of solitary confinement

In order to fight covid-19, many countries have decided to slow down or even stop human activities. The results of confinement are felt in different sectors, whether at the economic, environmental or even human level.

Being interested by the environmental issues, I wanted to share some news about the effects of confinement on the environment. And there are good ones as well as bad ones.

Disclaimer: I am French living in Strasbourg and from Comoros islands . My goal is to learn English while practicing my passion which is blogging. If you see any mistakes, please correct me so I can improve my English level. Thank you.

The good news

Animals reoccur in areas occupied by man. Whether in marine spaces such as ports, lakes, or land spaces. With the cessation of human activity, there is less noise related to transport, less physical pollution such as waste. This means that fauna and flora are gradually taking their place. In some videos and photos made especially in Italy, we can see that the waters of Venice and some ports are clearer and that marine animals repopulate these waters.

Air pollution in some countries has decreased. And again, it’s because of the decrease of human activities. In some countries, such as China, where many people are afraid of this pollution, this small pause in activity helps to reduce air pollution. It’s pretty impressive to know that by doing things we can have a super positive impact.

I admit, it makes me very happy. Seeing that we can always do something to save the planet. I am convinced that it is not too late, and this conviction makes me want to move so that the wonders do not fade under the effects of pollution.

The bad news

Stopping human activity means a decrease in tourist activities. In some tourist places such as parks, tourists have deserted. Many animals find themselves wandering in cities in search of food. Which makes me quite sad since these « domestic » animals are dependent on man and without us they risk finding themselves in catastrophic situations as shown in the video below.

This pandemic followed by the reduction or even the cessation of human activities has made me realize many things including in terms of ecology, environment and human impact on nature. As a result, I have thought about a few small initiatives that can be taken to limit our footprint and improve life in society.

  • One week without consuming animal products
  • Plant 5 trees to validate a school year

And you, do think that human activities should be modified in order to have positive impact on the environment?