Covid-19: How can we fight against the epidemic?

The covid virus -19 appeared in China in December 2019, is in March present in the 4 corners of the world. In order to fight this epidemic, some countries have decided to take measures, in particular the total containment of populations.

In France, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, various measures have been put in place, including containment. Different sectors are at the forefront of the epidemic. This applies to sectors such as mass distribution, the medical profession and social workers. However, even if we are not on the front line, we can also play a role. 

Here are some ways to help:

Disclaimer: I am French living in Strasbourg and from Comoros islands . My goal is to learn English while practicing my passion which is blogging. If you see any mistakes, please correct me so I can improve my English level. Thank you.

Donate blood or platelets

Hospitals are starting to run out of blood bags and platelets. And yet the number of people who need to receive blood is not decreasing and increasing. Know that despite confinement you can always and even more now donate blood/platelets.

It doesn’t really matter what your blood type is. In France, different places are open for the donation of blood. If you want to have different information about blood donation, you can go to the website https://dondesang.efs.sante.f

Donate money

The covid-19 epidemic affects many people. Some are affected in terms of health, but others are affected in other ways. Especially economically. Among them are victims of violence, people without a home, migrants and so on. With containment, these people are even more vulnerable because they have nowhere to go.

Making a donation of money or equipment would allow these people to enjoy an overnight stay away from their homes, meals or even to be safe.

Assist older people

With all the excitement in the stores, seniors who normally have trouble shopping have even more difficulties. Yet we can also help them.

So if you have muscle and energy to sell, go to the Civic Reserve website, so you can participate while being mentored by an organization.

Donate material

The medical profession is currently lacking in mask and hydro-alcoholic gel. If you have masks because of your profession (aesthetic centers not example), you can always give them to hospitals, pharmacies or simply to people who needs to have protection to work.

Make a housing loan

In this epidemic, some regions are more affected than others. Doctors and caregivers are even forced to travel to areas where they are not necessarily close to their homes. But they have to be housed.

If you have a second property and you don’t use it, know it’s time to make a small gesture.

Caregiver or Apprentice: Give a hand

Whether you are an apprentice caregiver or caregiver you can because of the epidemic, participate and support the medical staff. You just need to participate by checking the Health Reserve.

Covid-19 : informations aux professionnels de santé | Agence ...

Stay home

For those who simply cannot or doesn’t to participate directly in this epidemic, we simply ask you stay home. That’s another way of dealing with the spread of the virus. And then there’s a lot to do at home. So you might as well take advantage of your free time to do it.

Covid-19: Environmental Effects of solitary confinement

In order to fight covid-19, many countries have decided to slow down or even stop human activities. The results of confinement are felt in different sectors, whether at the economic, environmental or even human level.

Being interested by the environmental issues, I wanted to share some news about the effects of confinement on the environment. And there are good ones as well as bad ones.

Disclaimer: I am French living in Strasbourg and from Comoros islands . My goal is to learn English while practicing my passion which is blogging. If you see any mistakes, please correct me so I can improve my English level. Thank you.

The good news

Animals reoccur in areas occupied by man. Whether in marine spaces such as ports, lakes, or land spaces. With the cessation of human activity, there is less noise related to transport, less physical pollution such as waste. This means that fauna and flora are gradually taking their place. In some videos and photos made especially in Italy, we can see that the waters of Venice and some ports are clearer and that marine animals repopulate these waters.

Air pollution in some countries has decreased. And again, it’s because of the decrease of human activities. In some countries, such as China, where many people are afraid of this pollution, this small pause in activity helps to reduce air pollution. It’s pretty impressive to know that by doing things we can have a super positive impact.

I admit, it makes me very happy. Seeing that we can always do something to save the planet. I am convinced that it is not too late, and this conviction makes me want to move so that the wonders do not fade under the effects of pollution.

The bad news

Stopping human activity means a decrease in tourist activities. In some tourist places such as parks, tourists have deserted. Many animals find themselves wandering in cities in search of food. Which makes me quite sad since these « domestic » animals are dependent on man and without us they risk finding themselves in catastrophic situations as shown in the video below.

This pandemic followed by the reduction or even the cessation of human activities has made me realize many things including in terms of ecology, environment and human impact on nature. As a result, I have thought about a few small initiatives that can be taken to limit our footprint and improve life in society.

  • One week without consuming animal products
  • Plant 5 trees to validate a school year

And you, do think that human activities should be modified in order to have positive impact on the environment?

How to keep busy while staying at home

It is quite difficult to keep busy by staying at home for days, knowing that by leaving everything is closed. In order to avoid a total boredom, I have concocted small ideas of activities to do at home.

Disclaimer: I am French living in Strasbourg and from Comoros islands . My goal is to learn English while practicing my passion which is blogging. If you see any mistakes, please correct me so I can improve my English level. Thank you.

Having fun while stimulating creativity

Entertainment is I think for many of us the number one solution not to get bored. And yet for years I had this habit of entertaining myself in one way. Surfing social networks. What makes that in the end it is no longer an entertainment but a habit. So what to do to be entertained while being productive?

Call a loved one

Calling a loved one can rekindle links, check in and make sure everything is okay. It also allows you to tell gossip and listen to each other’s stories. To let go of his nerves by expressing yourself on your little problems and simply reconnect with his relatives, friends, family and friends in general.

Share content with your community

One of the things we often do is surfing on social networks to see what others are doing. But sharing content can be a good activity and can create links within a community, or even create one. It enables a community to discover your world, discover new things and also learn in return from others. As someone who has had trouble making friends, I have this tendency to share my life on social networks. And I admit that returns usually make me feel better.

Write a story, a poem

Time passes and memories do not necessarily stay. And yet we live things every day. Putting things on paper keeps track of everything that is experienced, the emotions felt and simply occupy ourselves. Personally, I’ve always had a diary and I read it over and over again in everything that I have experienced and that I forget over time. Writing is an entertainment but also a trace of experience.

Knit, sew

These are activities that require a great deal of time, patience and concentration. And yet if we get started we can do little wonders like tabletops, gloves, scarves. Objects of all kinds that can be kept or offered.

Paint and draw

I don’t know about you, but when I get bored, I scribble on little pieces of leaves that often end up in the garbage. And yet we could draw something cooler and not throw it away. For those like me who do not have a good grasp of drawing but who want to continue scribbling, mandalas are an alternative since they allow coloring while having an expected result. I still want to remind you that drawing or practicing an art is a way not to get bored, to stimulate your creativity but is above all a stress reliever. 

Play board games

We can never repeat it enough, but board games are the ultimate way to pass the time. And especially with family or friends. Playing board games makes pass the time but at a phenomenal speed. Okay, I’m abusing it, but it’s a hobby that’s entertaining and effective enough to fight boredom. And in addition there are for all tastes and colors, there are games of strategy, auction building etc. Are you bored? Get your games out of the closet!


Baking, when I’m bored is my favorite activity. I have plenty of time to think about the recipe, choose the ingredients, apply myself to the gestures, respect the cooking times, to end with a bite of flavor. There is nothing more satisfying. On top of that there is a variety of dishes, recipes, dessert to make. You can improve a recipe you know or simply adapt it according to your wishes (gluten-free, vegan etc.). Personally, I love making pancakes in my spare time.

Exercise physically

Staying at home while doing sports can seem complicated. Especially for those who live in apartments and even in a shared apartment. Lack of space, not making noise and also lack of equipment can be an obstacle to the practice of physical sport. Yet there are many sports which can be practiced while avoiding these obstacles. For example yoga, fitness. With a little imagination we can do almost the same exercises again.

Take care of your body

Personally, I almost never have time to take care of my body. I usually take a shower, I put cream all over my body and it stops there. And yet there is time to do. Try a new haircut, a pedicure, manicure, a massage and even improvise a spa session with treatments. Again it’s time to spend time with yourself and reconnect. Like they say, being good in your body is being good in your head.

Pamper your pet

Even if it sounds obvious, pamper your pet is an activity. You can clean it up, care for it. For lovers of games, you can also spend a little time playing with it. They don’t need to either.

Make an insect shelter

The ecological cause is a growing cause. Many people are gradually becoming aware of their impacts on the planet. If you’re bored and you want to keep busy while doing good for the planet, what better way than building an insect shelter? It doesn’t take a lot of materials, it’s simple to do and it’s for a good cause. 


Staying at home is also the time to do cures throughout the day. Taking a cure while staying at home allows you to be in the most favorable conditions possible. You can fast or adopt a particular diet such as a vegetarian diet, a juice diet or a sugar-free diet. Personally I take the opportunity to eat products that are a fresh or at least not modified by the industries. Staying at home is also about taking up a good habit and not spending time eating unhealthy foods.

Storage and cleaning

Quite often, because of the busy lifestyle we have, whether it’s work, courses, children, housekeeping, outdoor activities, we have this tendency to clean up superficially. And yet, there are many things to do in terms of storage. After cleaning the dishes, vacuuming, drying the clothes and throwing the garbage, there is still a lot to clean. And yes Storage is one of those activities which never end.

Clean your mailbox

But why do we need to mailbox and unsubscribe from newsletters? For the simple reason that e-mails contribute to the pollution of the planet. One of the ways to reduce pollution, would be to empty your mailboxes by deleting the e-mails. Obviously this concerns e-mails which aren’t important. Intrusive e-mails, newsletters which we doesn’t know where they come from, and also all the things that are usually intrusive and don’t serve us well by being intrusive. Emptying my mailbox is an activity I do quite often when I am bored during my courses or even when am watching videos on YouTube for example. It’s simple, fast and efficient and it makes the time pass. 

Sort clothing, pharmacy and objects of any kind

Normally with a loaded schedule this is not obvious. But when you have nothing to do, you can take 2 hours to sort everything in your living space. Whether it’s clothes, decorations or even dishes. It allows you to see what you’re using or not, to find valuables that remind you of memories. But in the end you throw away (give, sell, recycle) what you doesn’t. So you fight on the one hand against waste, pollution and at the same time, can allow other people to access objects at lower costs.

Take care of your plants

Having plants also means spending time so that it is as fit as possible. As soon as I see that I have time to spend, what I do is that I fill plant in bigger pots and I take advantage of it to add the nutrients they need. For those who have a garden and more, you can even mow the lawn and prune your trees.

« You can’t make up for lost time, but you can stop wasting time. So spend your time doing things that bring you and do you good. » Jenifer Lawrence

Covid-19: My life before quarantine

As you may have heard, the world is currently facing the Covid-19 pandemic. This disease, which has appeared in China since December 2019, is ubiquitous in March in the 4 corners of the world. As I write this article, the World Health Organization (WHO) has 184,975 confirmed cases, 7,529 deaths and 159 countries affected by Covid 19.

Between the month of December 2019 and the quarantine stage in which France is currently in, there have been many events.

Disclaimer: I am French living in Strasbourg and from Comoros islands . My goal is to learn English while practicing my passion which is blogging. If you see any mistakes, please correct me so I can improve my English level. Thank you.

January – February

I received several notifications about the situation in China, without necessarily dwelling on them. To me it was just a disease that affected only part of the country. Not accustomed to watching television news, I escape important news. But everything is fine, I live my life and try to get out of it as best I can between classes, family problems etc…

Until I came across the famous social media video, where you see Chinese workers building a hospital in 10 days. I have to tell you, it makes me laugh. Because it kind of confirms the stereotypes about the Chinese who are so-called “machines that can work nights and days”. I reviewed this video as well for about two weeks. Without really trying to understand why China is building this hospital.

Upon reflection, I realize how urgent the situation is and that the hospital that these workers built in 10 days is indeed a necessity and it had to be built as quickly as possible in order to be able to care for all those affected. I am aware of the labor power of these workers who, despite the stereotypes, are a very great force that they have been able to put to use.

Then I go on holiday in Brittany, where I completely forget that this pandemic is spreading around the world. 

I, like everyone else, have the right to these famous stories and rumors about Chinese contaminated packages, the predilections of the Simpsons, the CIA’s « book » on the Corona virus, the declining business figures concerning a brand that markets beers under the name of « Corona ». There is even an American rapper who made a sound on the Corona, not to mention the challenges that go with it.

Anyway, social networks are on fire!


The more days go by, the more the virus spreads, including in Italy, which is becoming the major outbreak in Europe contaminated by the virus. And then everything accelerates. In a week I feel like I’m witnessing the beginning of the end of the world. The figures for Italy make me even more aware of how urgent the situation is. I don’t know whether it’s the fact that Italy is geographically close to France or whether it’s the fact that the number of deaths is hyper-high in a short time. I do not know.

And then cases start to arise in France. First, one region, then two, then three. Madness sets in. Living in Alsace I feel particularly concerned. Especially since the last few weeks, the media have been talking about a religious group that is causing the spread of the virus to accelerate throughout metropolitan France and even overseas.

My mom who lives with me (well, I actually live with my mom) is starting to shop a lot. It’s not an idea that interests me. I don’t think we need to make provisions. I often remind him of that. But in reality she is right to do the shopping.

For two weeks, she spends her time shopping. But essential shopping. Water, legs, rice, canned food. On the one hand, I understand her because she has cancer and she can’t afford to get sick. And then it’s like she knows everybody’s going to be rushing into the stores. That’s not a good thing because that’s what ended up happening.

During all this time my mom is making food supplies, I continue to live my life normally. That is to say that I go to class without worrying about public transport, I go to shopping malls, to the cinema as to my habits. I even planned with my boyfriend to go on a holiday abroad to celebrate our 6 years being together.

The more weeks go by, the more cases increase and especially in Alsace.

Some of my classmates come to school. The days are getting long and stressful. And then everybody talks about this virus, people with it, people in hospital and so on… There aren’t many people left in my school. Some sick teachers can’t even teach anymore.

Despite all, I continue to go to class. The last two days of classes which are on Thursday and Friday, in my class we were more than three. This is extremely shocking. Teachers no longer know what to do. Keep teaching like nothing’s wrong or do an activity? And then the school principal is in all is states, he has to make calls, check the number of students present in the school, make a crisis meeting etc.

A whole world is falling down around me. We are told that the school would close and that this is probably the last time we see each other. That even if the schools reopened, I would already be on a year-end internship, and it’s shocking to me to learn that these are my last hours at this school and for the entire school year.

Goodbye school projects, goodbye class, goodbye the long line waiting to heat my meal in the microwave. Goodbye teachers and especially my schedule !! That day I lost. I’ve lost the one thing that drives me to organize myself, to project myself into the future. For a few minutes I go through several emotions. Sadness, disappointment, nostalgia while the official end of schools has not yet begun. I’m starting to wonder.

  • What am I going do all day?
  • Am I going be able to get through my evaluation?
  • And what will I be able to finish the projects and events I have planned?
  • How will I get my courses? By video-conferencing? In writing?
  • Will I be able to complete my internship?

I am eating my last meal this Thursday at noon, in deep nostalgia. That day, I ate at the Macdonald, which was full at the edge. Everyone was normal around me. That very evening, the President of the Republic announced the official closure of schools.

The next morning I can’t stand to stay at home. To have to live with my family H24. I can’t bear to sit at home in normal times. So what I did this weekend like a lot of French, I went out.

On Saturdays I go shopping, I buy a blue sweater and a purple lipstick. On Sundays I walk in the park. While respecting safety distances, of course. I have been putting people on public transit for quite some time. To protect me from the cold but also from the microorganisms present in the transports. With the virus, I got used to having a hand sanitizer.

Anyway, everything is fine. It’s nice, I’m having a good time and I even take some pictures. I even planned to go out more often and even to the rink.

It doesn’t last long, because that night the president took the microphone back to announce that the country is going to be in quarantine. And for good reason, despite the fact that schools are closed, the population continues to be mobile and thus continues through displacement in public places to spread the virus.

And here i can tell you that panic is taking place completely. I finally understand the situation we are in.

The next morning I see the result of the quarantine. There is a huge line in front of me, people who wants to shop, people who wants to go to the drugs store, the post office and even the veterinarian.

Anyway the air is heavy enough, I look at people from under my window and I can see the panic in their gestures. I admit I’m afraid, my mom is starting to feel bad. We haven’t been out all day.

Since then, we have been confined in our apartment. In this situation, I am gradually learning to live differently.

PS: I still want to remind you that in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus, it is necessary to apply the hygiene rules indicated by the government. I invite you to learn about the precautions to take, whether in terms of hygiene rules, travel, blood donations, etc.… via the government website by just clicking « here« . 

I would also like to wish you all the good things you can hope for and good courage for the medical profession, which saves lives every day. I’m sending you love!