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Disclaimer: I am French living in Strasbourg and from Comoros islands . My goal is to learn English while practicing my passion which is blogging. If you see any mistakes, please correct me so I can improve my English level. Thank you.

1- What was your first plane trip?

I made my first trip in 2000, a few months after my birth. Around my 3 months. And the destination was the island of Mayotte. I don’t remember, but from what I heard, I was very calm and I didn’t cry. It was a great trip. 

2- Is there a place you would like to go back?

If there is one place I would love to revisit, it is Ireland. More precisely the 4 cities (Galway, Limerick, Cork, Dublin).

In 2019, I spent 3 months between the months of January and April visiting Ireland. And that was the best language study trip I ever had. It allowed me to discover with friends and comrades which I would not have discovered on a family trip, while speaking all the time in English. By the way, I planned to return there with my boyfriend.

3- You leave tomorrow and money is not a problem, where would you go?

If money is not a problem, I would necessarily go to Tanzania. Being a Comorian, I grew up in an African culture. As Tanzania is a country bordering the Comoros Islands, I have always dreamed of visiting it. It is also a way to discover the countries of my region of origin, which is the Indian Ocean region.

What I would like to do is to eat in the famous island restaurant called « The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar ». For the simple reason that it is an atypical and original place.

4- What is your favorite transport?

For long distances I prefer the train. Because I have the internet connection, the network and it’s less full and I can work more quietly.

For small distances I prefer car because it is long enough to make a good trip, but not too long to spend an entire day. Being in good company and with good music is pretty is better.

5- Your favorite travel website?

I don’t really have a favorite travel website. For budgetary matters I often go to website which compares prices regarding on services and I take the cheapest service. For the train I usually order via trainline which is a comparator and which integrates some advantage cards like SNCF for example.

To reserve the places where I will stay, I go through popular sites such as booking.com or directly via the host’s website.

6- Is there a place you would never go back?

So far, no matter where I’ve been, I’ve never come across anything that made me want to not go back.  

I had the opportunity to visit many countries and regions around the world. I think that all destinations have in common one touristic side and another one. When I travel I try to think about these sides all the time. In this way I want to emphasize that even if we do everything to hide the misery of a country, that misery is always present and is a reality.

7- Do you prefer sitting: hallway, middle or window?

I am 100% team window. For two reasons:

First, I prefer to have an outside view. This saves me from having to look at people all the time.

Second: I rarely get up to go to the bathroom. I am usually able to last 5 hours on the train without going to the bathroom. Yeah, I know it’s not good for my body. However, when I am in the middle or on the hallway, the people next to me need to get up all the time and it is quite embarrassing to have to raise their tablet, shut down the computer, etc.

8- What is your next trip?

My next trip is supposed to take place in Brittany. But when, how and where precisely I don’t know. Do you know any places to visit in the Brittany region ?

9- How many countries have you visited?

I have visited seven countries in total.

  • I visited the island of Mayotte where I lived for 10 years and where my father is from.
  • I visited the island of Anjouan where my mother is from.
  • I visited the island of Mohéli.
  • I have traveled around France even though I live in Strasbourg. There are always things to visit.
  • While touring France, I also visited Monaco.
  • I often go to Germany because I live in a German border town. I also took a language trip in Berlin and Potsdam.
  • I visited Ireland for 3 months during a language study trip (Galway, Limerick, Cork, Dublin)

10- Which accommodation do you prefer when travelling?

In France in general I prefer houses. We can make food, there is space, and i adore french architecture .

Abroad I prefer hotels. I don’t really know what kind of country I’m going to fall on, so I prefer to take a hotel.

For me, traveling is?

To go in search of the never-seen-before and leave your comfort zone. To travel is to learn new cultures, customs and values. It’s looking for someone else’s key to becoming a better person.

Travelling is to jump into the unknown and come out stronger.

Two months in Ireland: Aran Islands

Partant de Galway, Cork en passant par Limerick j’ai pu découvrir des paysages et lieux dont je ne connaissais pas.

During my first year in university, I had the opportunity to study in Ireland, in order to deepen my level of English. For almost two months I had the opportunity to travel the country. Starting from Galway, Cork and passing through Limerick I was able to discover landscapes and places that I did not know. That’s why today I give you my top places to visit in Ireland as well as my tips for enjoying them to the fullest.

In this article, I will tell you about a place that has made an enormous impression on me. The Aran Islands.

The Aran Islands

The Aran islands are three islands located in the west of Ireland in the county of Galway. To access it is simple. All you have to do is take a small cruise to transport people. The journey is quite short, but watch out for seasick people!

For my part I visited the main island of the three islands of Aran. The island is marked by these large houses of colors lying by the sea. You can also find a bar, a museum, a clothing store for tourists and a Lidl store.

Maisons sur une île d'Aran, Galway en Irlande.
Houses lying by the sea by inapinkmood

Although there are many sheep on the main island, this island is mostly populated by cows.

The landscapes are very spectacular. The island has many beaches with white sand, but also large cliffs. The land stretches as far as the eye can see. And nature remains untouched. It is quite spectacular to observe the ancient lava flows and also the waves that dance on the rock.

Here are some tips :

  • Wear a waterproof jacket and not an umbrella

In Ireland, all seasons can be combined in one day. It can rain earlier i the morning and hot by the afternoon. Not to mention the hail rains that can occur in the early morning and evening. At times the wind being too strong on the coasts it is better to have a waterproof jacket as well as sports shoes or boots that are more useful than a simple umbrella.

  • Prepare food to eat

You can find a bar and also a kind of cafe-restaurant. However, to go around the island it is better to have something to eat. For example a sandwich with a drink. Moreover in some remote areas of the island it is better to have money in cash because the devices for payment by card are not present.

  • Use some kind of transport (taxi, bike, etc.)

The island is small but to fully enjoy the scenery it is preferable once arrived on site to take a kind of taxi bus that costs about 15 euros per person round/back to get closer to the places to visit. For the same price you can also rent a bike. The downside of renting a bike is that with the bike it takes longer and you may not see the whole island due to lack of time.

  • Check the return times

Before starting the tour of the island, it is preferable to check and request the times for the returns to the main island Ireland. It would be unpleasant to be stuck on the small islands without having provided accommodation on site.

  • Don’t hesitate to get off the roads

It is not by not following the paths that you would see the most beautiful landscapes. On the other hand the places being rather rustic with the large cliffs in particular, I strongly advise you not to put yourself in danger situations.

And what do you think of the Aran Islands?

A week in Berlin

Living in Strasbourg near Germany, in high school i used to learn English as my first foreign language and German as my second foreign language.

During my second year of high school i went for one week in Berlin with my German class,with the aim of learning German by discovering the German culture.

I didn’t had any expectation from this trip, apart from the fact that I hated my classmate and I didn’t want to spend a week with them.

Fortunately, we visited a lot of sites, museums and shops. Let me show you a little bit of what i visited.

The German historical museum

The first museum we visited was Das Deutsches Historisches Museum in other words The German historical museum. Launched in 2006, it offers 2,000 years of German history. From the first period of the middle age until 1918.

Visiting this museum was really surprising for me. History it not my cup of tea and i was expecting something boring and kind of old, and nevertheless it was something completely different.

One thing has particularity caught my eyes was the pink hall at the entrance of the museum. There is nothing better than pink color to catch my attention.

Interior courtyard of the German Historical Museum
Berlin, Germany

We first passed though the middle age period. Were we saw the different period of the evolution of the country. The different waves of immigration.

Then we passed though the 1918 period of the museum where i saw the different parts of Germany, the East side and the west side. Thanks to this exposition i understood i little bit more how people used to live in the German Democratic republic (Est side) and in the federal republic of Germany (West side).

The federal republic of Germany belonged to France, the USA and England was presented with a lot of objects referring to an expensive and great life, whereas the other side being less rich and communist was presented with more formal and less expensive objects.

The memorial to the murdered Jews.

The second thing we visited was The memorial to the murdered Jews.

The memorial to the murdered Jews.
Berlin, Germany

It is a memorial located in the center of Berlin, aimed at perpetuating the memory of the Jewish victims exterminated by the Nazis.

It was really special for me to walk between the gravestones. Every gravestone have it’s own measures. Some were taller or smaller. Some were bigger than others. I couldn’t see the real length of the gravestones until i was in the middle of it.

The memorial to the murdered Jews.
Berlin, Germany

Once inside, i felt like i was overwhelmed. I couldn’t hear any noise.
All i can see above the grave, were giant walls of big companies.

It was like a piece of humanity in the middle of tech farm.

The Berlin Wall

Then we went to see one of the most famous wall in the world.

The Berlin wall, also known as The wall of the shame,was build during the night of 12 to 13 august in 1961.
The wall, part of the German internal frontier, physically separated the city in 2 parts : East Berlin and West Berlin. During more than twenty-eight years.

Seeing the Berlin wall was the main reason why i agreed to be part of the travel. Just to see the paintings, the beautiful colors, the Berlin art which everyone talks about.

I didn’t saw much painting , but one of my favorite is a painting of a car breaking a wall. As if now everyone can move wherever they want.

Test the rest, Birgit Kinder
Berlin, Germany

The dutch neighborhood of Potsdam

I never went to the Netherlands, but walking thought the neighborhood allowed me to see a little bit of it.

The dutch neighborhood of Potsdam near Berlin is the largest architectural neighborhood with a Dutch style outside the Netherlands.

Dutch neighborhood
Potsdam, Germany

Potsdam being a little city, the dutch neighborhood adds a touch of freshness to the city. especially with the red colors of the walls.

Dutch neighborhood
Potsdam, Germany

The German museum of technology

The last site that i saw in Berlin was the German museum of technology.

A museum presenting different part of the German technology.

From cars, train, plane. But also plants.It basically shows everything related to technology.

The German museum of technology
Berlin, Germany

It is one of the best museum that a have seen in my life. In this museum, people knew how to transform hold object into piece of art.

Thanks to this trip i discover the love for traveling. it was my first travel without my family. Not to have good time and chill, but to discover a country with its culture.

Gendarme’s market place
Berlin, Germany

This travel was the beginning of something. The beginning of my love for travelling.

In a pink mood

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