Two months in Ireland: Aran Islands

Partant de Galway, Cork en passant par Limerick j’ai pu découvrir des paysages et lieux dont je ne connaissais pas.

During my first year in university, I had the opportunity to study in Ireland, in order to deepen my level of English. For almost two months I had the opportunity to travel the country. Starting from Galway, Cork and passing through Limerick I was able to discover landscapes and places that I did not know. That’s why today I give you my top places to visit in Ireland as well as my tips for enjoying them to the fullest.

In this article, I will tell you about a place that has made an enormous impression on me. The Aran Islands.

The Aran Islands

The Aran islands are three islands located in the west of Ireland in the county of Galway. To access it is simple. All you have to do is take a small cruise to transport people. The journey is quite short, but watch out for seasick people!

For my part I visited the main island of the three islands of Aran. The island is marked by these large houses of colors lying by the sea. You can also find a bar, a museum, a clothing store for tourists and a Lidl store.

Maisons sur une île d'Aran, Galway en Irlande.
Houses lying by the sea by inapinkmood

Although there are many sheep on the main island, this island is mostly populated by cows.

The landscapes are very spectacular. The island has many beaches with white sand, but also large cliffs. The land stretches as far as the eye can see. And nature remains untouched. It is quite spectacular to observe the ancient lava flows and also the waves that dance on the rock.

Here are some tips :

  • Wear a waterproof jacket and not an umbrella

In Ireland, all seasons can be combined in one day. It can rain earlier i the morning and hot by the afternoon. Not to mention the hail rains that can occur in the early morning and evening. At times the wind being too strong on the coasts it is better to have a waterproof jacket as well as sports shoes or boots that are more useful than a simple umbrella.

  • Prepare food to eat

You can find a bar and also a kind of cafe-restaurant. However, to go around the island it is better to have something to eat. For example a sandwich with a drink. Moreover in some remote areas of the island it is better to have money in cash because the devices for payment by card are not present.

  • Use some kind of transport (taxi, bike, etc.)

The island is small but to fully enjoy the scenery it is preferable once arrived on site to take a kind of taxi bus that costs about 15 euros per person round/back to get closer to the places to visit. For the same price you can also rent a bike. The downside of renting a bike is that with the bike it takes longer and you may not see the whole island due to lack of time.

  • Check the return times

Before starting the tour of the island, it is preferable to check and request the times for the returns to the main island Ireland. It would be unpleasant to be stuck on the small islands without having provided accommodation on site.

  • Don’t hesitate to get off the roads

It is not by not following the paths that you would see the most beautiful landscapes. On the other hand the places being rather rustic with the large cliffs in particular, I strongly advise you not to put yourself in danger situations.

And what do you think of the Aran Islands?

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