A week in Berlin

Living in Strasbourg near Germany, in high school i used to learn English as my first foreign language and German as my second foreign language.

During my second year of high school i went for one week in Berlin with my German class,with the aim of learning German by discovering the German culture.

I didn’t had any expectation from this trip, apart from the fact that I hated my classmate and I didn’t want to spend a week with them.

Fortunately, we visited a lot of sites, museums and shops. Let me show you a little bit of what i visited.

The German historical museum

The first museum we visited was Das Deutsches Historisches Museum in other words The German historical museum. Launched in 2006, it offers 2,000 years of German history. From the first period of the middle age until 1918.

Visiting this museum was really surprising for me. History it not my cup of tea and i was expecting something boring and kind of old, and nevertheless it was something completely different.

One thing has particularity caught my eyes was the pink hall at the entrance of the museum. There is nothing better than pink color to catch my attention.

Interior courtyard of the German Historical Museum
Berlin, Germany

We first passed though the middle age period. Were we saw the different period of the evolution of the country. The different waves of immigration.

Then we passed though the 1918 period of the museum where i saw the different parts of Germany, the East side and the west side. Thanks to this exposition i understood i little bit more how people used to live in the German Democratic republic (Est side) and in the federal republic of Germany (West side).

The federal republic of Germany belonged to France, the USA and England was presented with a lot of objects referring to an expensive and great life, whereas the other side being less rich and communist was presented with more formal and less expensive objects.

The memorial to the murdered Jews.

The second thing we visited was The memorial to the murdered Jews.

The memorial to the murdered Jews.
Berlin, Germany

It is a memorial located in the center of Berlin, aimed at perpetuating the memory of the Jewish victims exterminated by the Nazis.

It was really special for me to walk between the gravestones. Every gravestone have it’s own measures. Some were taller or smaller. Some were bigger than others. I couldn’t see the real length of the gravestones until i was in the middle of it.

The memorial to the murdered Jews.
Berlin, Germany

Once inside, i felt like i was overwhelmed. I couldn’t hear any noise.
All i can see above the grave, were giant walls of big companies.

It was like a piece of humanity in the middle of tech farm.

The Berlin Wall

Then we went to see one of the most famous wall in the world.

The Berlin wall, also known as The wall of the shame,was build during the night of 12 to 13 august in 1961.
The wall, part of the German internal frontier, physically separated the city in 2 parts : East Berlin and West Berlin. During more than twenty-eight years.

Seeing the Berlin wall was the main reason why i agreed to be part of the travel. Just to see the paintings, the beautiful colors, the Berlin art which everyone talks about.

I didn’t saw much painting , but one of my favorite is a painting of a car breaking a wall. As if now everyone can move wherever they want.

Test the rest, Birgit Kinder
Berlin, Germany

The dutch neighborhood of Potsdam

I never went to the Netherlands, but walking thought the neighborhood allowed me to see a little bit of it.

The dutch neighborhood of Potsdam near Berlin is the largest architectural neighborhood with a Dutch style outside the Netherlands.

Dutch neighborhood
Potsdam, Germany

Potsdam being a little city, the dutch neighborhood adds a touch of freshness to the city. especially with the red colors of the walls.

Dutch neighborhood
Potsdam, Germany

The German museum of technology

The last site that i saw in Berlin was the German museum of technology.

A museum presenting different part of the German technology.

From cars, train, plane. But also plants.It basically shows everything related to technology.

The German museum of technology
Berlin, Germany

It is one of the best museum that a have seen in my life. In this museum, people knew how to transform hold object into piece of art.

Thanks to this trip i discover the love for traveling. it was my first travel without my family. Not to have good time and chill, but to discover a country with its culture.

Gendarme’s market place
Berlin, Germany

This travel was the beginning of something. The beginning of my love for travelling.

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